Dear McDonalds, Wendy’s, Chick-fil-A


…and all you companies that serve us those delicious, though often not good for our waist line and heart, meals, when we are too lazy to make our own.  Just in case you have not noticed we are close to a catastrophe with our throw-away society mentality.  Occasionally when I stop to enjoy one of your meals, I am forced to deposit a LARGE AMOUNT of non-recycled trash in the waste basket.  This has always bothered me but in the last several years it seems as if the amount of trash I throw away has increased!  At the risk of exposing my age, I remember when I bought a “47 cents for a three course meal” at McDonald’s and there was very little non-recyclable trash, realizing that no one even thought of recycling at that time in our history.  A piece of wax paper wrapped my burger, a paper cup held my fries, my milkshake was in a paper cup and even my straw was made of paper.  It was all recyclable stuff!  I have noticed a large decrease in the use of plastics and non-recyclable stuff, but based on what I see, I think most of the trash goes directly to the dump where it becomes the next generation’s problem.

So my suggestion to all you mega-corporations bent on destroying the health of America,  make everything wrapped in recyclable material and then have a bin to place the many different types of stuff in. It is to your advantage to have as few bins as possible for convenience. Have a place to dump the water/ice so that we don’t gradually place our water supply in a landfill as well.  Years ago you taught us to clean off our own tables, which I must say was quite a jolt, so I think you can teach us to recycle as well.  Think of the publicity you could generate with this program!  You could become the good guys in the goal of saving the earth.  Now, if you could continue to clean up your act nutritionally, you could become earth’s stewards and secure your place in the future to feed us more and more of your fast food.  This in turn will make you richer and richer, which is why you exist…right?