I was born in Torrence, California in 1950.   In 1959,  my  family moved to Beltsville , Maryland on the edge of the Beltsville Research Farm. After a year we moved to a place called Seabrook, Maryland where I lived until I moved out on my own at the age of 20. For the next five years I attended Prince Georges College and then Bowie State College and received a degree in math and science education with an emphasis in physics.  I turned down several offers to teach in Maryland and found a job at Capon Bridge Junior High in Capon Bridge West Virginia where I taught for 12 years. I was moved to Romney Junior High for a year and then moved to  Hampshire High School to teach the gifted program for several years.  I returned to Capon Bridge for seven years and then ended my last five years teaching Science and coaching the ladies soccer team at Hampshire High School.

I retired from teaching and I now work for FEMA as a Disaster Assistance Employee (DAE), drive a tour bus for Schrock Tours based in Winchester, Virginia and occasionally do a traveling science show under the name of Cosmic Charley. In the summers I work for two weeks at the Governors Science Honors Camp in Greenbank, WV.

My main goal now is to spend time with my family and to enjoy life and the many incredible people I meet.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Charlie
    I enjoy your blog and tell people here at the Review we need 20 bloggers just like you. We get lots of comments about readers who enjoy your writing.

  2. Streisel,
    So glad you posted this link on Facebook. I’ve been reading for about 30 minutes now. I swear I can hear you speaking the words in my head!

  3. Well, well, well! You find all kinds of things on the web… Actually, Charlie, my mom called me to tell me about the blog. Seems like you’ve found your calling, not to mention a way to while away the retirement hours.

    Give my best to Sue, too!

  4. One of those “incredible people” you meet is my son, Tom, who stayed at your home last night as he bikes across the country. You warmed his heart, as well as his body–and my heart as well. He was delighted to meet a fellow science teacher. Thank you for supporting him on his adventure!

    1. The joy was all ours. I am going to send him a copy of my manuscript called THE SEED PLANTERS which is a bunch of stories from my teaching days along with a fare share of teaching philosophy.
      Have a great day

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